Hello Neighbor review

Enter the world of Hello Neighbor, a game that takes the simple concept of curiosity to new heights. It's a journey fraught with puzzles, secret passages, and an ever-evolving house that keeps its secrets well guarded. The true essence of the game lies not in the final discovery but in the path to uncovering it. With a release that has seen numerous iterations, each adding depth to the enigmatic neighbor and his labyrinthine home, this game promises a rewarding experience for those who have followed its development closely.

The Suspenseful Atmosphere

Hello Neighbor sets itself apart by offering a distinct flavor of unease. Far from the conventional jump scare-laden horror titles, it immerses you in a world where nothing seems to make sense. Doors lead nowhere, and a sense of surrealism pervades, making you question the very fabric of the game's reality. This atmosphere of nightmarish irrationality stems from the core gameplay of breaking and entering, combined with the challenge of solving cryptic puzzles without guidance.

The Neighbor: Friend or Foe?

The game introduces an innovative antagonist – the neighbor, whose behavior evolves based on your actions. This AI learns from your attempts at infiltration, adapting his defenses in increasingly creative and sometimes downright nonsensical ways. This interaction forms the crux of the early game, painting the neighbor as a complex character with secrets to hide. However, as the game progresses, the focus shifts more towards the puzzles rather than this cat-and-mouse dynamic.

Puzzling Through the House

The heart of Hello Neighbor lies in its puzzles. Transitioning from beta to full release, the game has made strides in linking disparate and unintuitive challenges into a somewhat coherent journey. However, the game's reliance on obscure solutions and the necessity for external guidance (such as walkthroughs) can detract from the experience. The puzzles, while innovative, can sometimes fall into the trap of adventure game cliches, requiring a trial-and-error approach that may frustrate players.

Graphical Charm and Final Act Frustrations

Graphically, Hello Neighbor presents a quirky, cartoonish aesthetic that complements its surreal themes. The evolving architecture of the neighbor's house is a visual treat, with each act reshaping its interiors in mind-bending ways. However, the game's third act sees a dip in logical coherence, with puzzles becoming increasingly arbitrary, detracting from the overall experience.

Conclusion: A Mixed Bag of Innovation and Frustration

Hello Neighbor is a game of contrasts. It offers a unique blend of psychological suspense, puzzle-solving, and an evolving narrative that keeps you guessing. Yet, it is marred by inconsistency in puzzle design and a reliance on external solutions. For those intrigued by its premise, it offers a memorable experience, albeit one that may require patience and a willingness to seek help from the broader community.


  • Unique and suspenseful atmosphere
  • Evolving AI antagonist adds depth to gameplay
  • Visually appealing with a quirky, surreal aesthetic
  • Acts one and two offer coherent and engaging puzzles


  • Over-reliance on obscure puzzle solutions
  • The third act lacks logical coherence, diminishing gameplay enjoyment
  • Potential frustration without external guides or prior beta experience

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 8

Replay Value 10

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