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If you stumbled upon this site while looking for an app to install or a game to play, you are in the right place! We provide our readers with the latest information about apps and games for Apple products. We differ from other sites due to our dedication to precise reviews and thorough fact-checking. 


This platform was created with two main goals in mind. Our first task is to test all the buzzy titles released for iOS devices. The second task is to keep you updated when it comes to these titles. Let us describe our mission more clearly.


Real crash test for apps and games!


We highlight only those apps and games that have been tested by our picky team. All the items you see in our catalog have been reviewed and rated for you to avoid installing tons of apps in search of the best-performing one. You can trust our team and stop wasting your time in the App Store. 


Never-ending survey of the digital world 


Installing an app or game is just a first step. You should also follow the updates because they may seriously affect app performance. Developers often make changes to their products, so it can influence compatibility with the new iOS versions. We took on the responsibility to monitor all the updates for you! All you need to do is check our blog. 


Anyway, reviews and updates are not the only things we highlight. Being real iOS geeks, we monitor all the information about items we share with our readers. On our blog, you can read:


  • the latest breaking news about items for iOS;

  • tips and guides for iOS apps and games;

  • articles and reviews on them. 


We appreciate that you found us among thousands of sites and hope you’ll join our fans! Our team works hard to deliver reliable information to our readers.