Hello Neighbor 2 review

In the realm of indie horror games, "Hello Neighbor 2" emerges as a continuation of a promising but flawed premise introduced by its predecessor. Developed by Eerie Guest, this sequel aims to elevate the stealth horror experience with improvements and expansions on the original game's mechanics. As an investigator diving back into the sinister antics of Mr. Peterson, the infamous neighbor, players are thrust into a tale of intrigue, puzzles, and survival. Let's peel back the layers of this peculiar neighborhood to see what "Hello Neighbor 2" truly offers.

A Step Forward in Gameplay

At its core, "Hello Neighbor 2" retains the essence of its forebear, presenting a first-person adventure that challenges players to solve intricate puzzles under the pressure of stealth. The game cleverly integrates these puzzles into the environment, compelling players to rely on their observational skills to progress. New tools, such as a drone for scoping out the neighborhood from a bird's eye view, inject fresh dynamics into the gameplay. Moreover, the sequel corrects the physics engine quirks of the original, ensuring a more polished and logical puzzle-solving experience.

An Expanded Playground

The sequel ambitiously extends the player's exploratory boundaries beyond the confines of Mr. Peterson's house to an entire neighborhood. This expansion not only diversifies the environments but also introduces a variety of neighbors, each presenting unique challenges. This broader setting enhances the game's replayability and depth, encouraging exploration and creative problem-solving.

Aesthetics: Charming or Conflicting?

"Hello Neighbor 2" maintains the cartoonish visual style of its predecessor, complete with Pixar-esque characters and environments. While this design choice adds a layer of charm, it paradoxically softens the horror aspect the game strives to convey. The quirky aesthetics might dilute the tension for players expecting a more traditional horror atmosphere, leading to a mismatch between the game's visual tone and its intended genre.

Narrative Puzzles and Tension

The narrative ambitiously attempts to weave a complex story involving PTSD, kidnapping, and a return to the scene of past traumas. However, the plot suffers from inconsistencies and logical gaps, particularly in how it resets the stakes after each capture by Mr. Peterson. This narrative dissonance detracts from the game's immersion and sense of peril. Furthermore, the game struggles to build suspense effectively, as encounters with the neighbor often feel more random than menacing.

Conclusion: A Mixed Bag Worth Exploring

"Hello Neighbor 2" is a game of contrasts, blending improved gameplay mechanics with a narrative and aesthetic choices that might not resonate with all players. Despite its flaws, the game offers an intriguing puzzle-solving experience within a unique setting. For fans of the genre willing to overlook its inconsistencies, there's enough novelty and challenge here to warrant a visit to this eerie neighborhood.


  • Enhanced and more logical puzzle mechanics
  • Expanded exploration area increases depth and variety
  • New tools add interesting gameplay dynamics


  • Cartoonish visuals may undermine the horror experience
  • Narrative inconsistencies and logical gaps

Graphics 9

Gameplay 10

Controls 9

Replay Value 9

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